Why you might not want to order from a chain restaurant

CHINA’S CHAIN STORIES CHINA: Chinese takeaway mARYLEBONDO (KONGSHANG, CHINA) — The Chinese takeaway chain Marylebone is selling a number of items from its flagship stores in Hong Kong and Macau.

It’s not clear what these are.

But in a recent post on its website, Marylebondo said it was selling a wide range of food items from across its outlets.

“This includes a wide variety of Chinese dishes from our Hong Kong stores,” it said.

“Some items have been specially prepared, while others have been prepared by our Chinese colleagues.

Some of the items sold by Marylebondo in Hongkong and Macao are from our stores in China.

All are carefully sourced and carefully prepared.”

The items include items such as the popular Chuanxi pork chicken soup and other dishes from the popular Changfeng franchise, and a variety of sandwiches, chicken rolls, noodle dishes and other food products.

Marylebones website says it also sells the products of other brands.

The menu item for the Maryleblons most popular dish, the Chuanzi Pork Chicken Soup, is available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to selling items from Maryleon’s Hong Kong branches, the chain has also opened a store in Macau, according to its website.

Marylebone said it would sell some items from the restaurants, but it didn’t offer details about what the items are or whether they’re from its Hong Kong or Macau stores.

In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, the restaurant posted an advertisement for “Chinatown’s only Chinese takeaway” that promised to bring the traditional Chinese food items to the mainland.

The ad also showed pictures of the menu items.

Some of the pictures on the menu posted by Mary Lebondo show an item called the “Chuanxi Pork Chicken soup” and “Chunyu Chicken Soup.”

The description on the Mary Le Bondo website says that the soup is “perfect for your taste buds and that it has been specially made with the best ingredients in Hong kong to enhance its flavor and taste.”

“It is an easy and tasty way to eat the Chinese delicacies with Chinese cuisine,” it added.

“There is a wide selection of food that is suitable for all tastes.”

The website for Mary LeBondo, which was first reported by The Daily Telegraph last month, said the items were “sold by Mary lebondons staff and we have the best and most delicious products from all the major food groups and markets that we offer.”

It added that some of the dishes on the website “are very popular in HongKong and is very popular there.”

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