Why we are now eating too much takeaway food

It may seem counterintuitive, but our food intake is outstripping our need.

We don’t have the time to go out to eat.

But is it possible we are consuming too much?

This is the question we asked Dr Andrew Fergusson, who has spent the past two decades researching and analyzing food trends in the UK and Ireland.

It was during his time at the University of Manchester that Dr Fergusons research began.

It has helped him to understand how people eat, and how we eat it, to develop a better understanding of what is causing our health problems.

Dr Figgusson is a consultant gastroenterologist, author of Eat Well: A Practical Guide to the Health Benefits of Eating Well and founder of the Eating Well Institute.

He is the author of the book Eat Well, Drink Well, Lose Weight and The Great British Diet.

We spoke to Dr Faggusson about why we eat too much and why we’re eating it so much.

What is the science behind our food consumption?

Dr Andrew Faggusons main areas of research concern the consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and protein, and dairy products.

As a research scientist Dr Fagusson was able to look at a lot of different data to understand what was happening with food consumption in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and what was causing the excess.

He says that is a very powerful tool to help us understand how we are eating, as well as the effects on our health.

The first thing to know about what we eat is that we don’t eat as much as we think we do.

Dr Faggs research has shown that in the early 20th century, people in England and Wales ate an average of just over one and a half kilograms of food per person per day, and we are just barely past that now.

This is because of the huge increase in consumption of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, all of which are now produced at far higher levels than in the past.

In the UK, we have the highest rate of obesity in the world and the highest rates of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We’re also consuming more than our body needs and we have a huge problem with weight gain and our risk of Type 1 diabetes.

If we look at the amount of food that we consume each day, we are doing something very wrong.

Dr Andrew says that we eat less than we thought we were eating, and in fact, the food we eat today is far more expensive than what we used to eat in the 19th century.

He says that if we are going to make healthy changes to our eating habits, we need to eat more fruit, veggies, whole foods, protein and fats.

What can we do to help prevent overeating?

People who live in a rural area have much lower rates of obesity and obesity-related disease than urban areas, which is why they are often called the Rural Belt.

People who live along the coasts and in the South East, are in much better shape.

It’s very important to take care of your body by eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts and reducing the amount that you eat from red meat.

But you also need to do something about the food that is already in your fridge and freezer.

Dr. Faggssons research shows that the more often you buy processed food, the more expensive it is, and therefore the more unhealthy it is.

People should also make sure that they’re buying a good quality product, and that their supermarket offers the freshest ingredients.

Dr Alyssa Glynn, author and food blogger, recommends buying produce that is made locally, and organic.

Dr Glynn also recommends that you take a good look at what you are buying.

Food waste is another big issue that needs to be addressed.

Dr Anthony Jones, an author and researcher who works at the UK Food Standards Agency, says that waste is not only a health problem, it also creates a health risk for your family.

And that’s why it is vital that you have a healthy diet that is packed with fresh, healthy food, as we will need it all the time.

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