Why is this Thai takeaway restaurant in Australia called ‘Ka’ instead of ‘Chiang’

A new Thai takeaway shop in Melbourne has become a popular destination for customers looking for a quick bite and a change of pace, despite the company name being a play on the Chinese word for ‘chicken’.

Key points:Ka, one of Melbourne’s oldest and most popular restaurants, opened in 2012 and has been a fixture in the area for yearsKa is named after the town in northern China where the restaurant is locatedChiang, the Chinese name for Ka, is a shortened form of the name for ChinaKa was a popular place to find food in Melbourne for decades, but its owners have now moved the business to the capital city of Hong Kong.

Its new location in the heart of Melbourne has a nameplate that looks like the Chinese character for ‘Ka’, but it’s actually the name of a restaurant in Hong Kong and the restaurant’s name has been changed to ‘Ka Chiang’The new location has a menu that’s much more traditional in its design and theme, including chicken dishes, burgers, and a variety of salads.

Its location in Melbourne’s inner west is one of the most popular in Australia, according to a survey conducted by Zagat.

Ka has long been popular in Melbourne and was one of many restaurants that attracted a loyal following in the city’s inner east in the 1980s and 1990s, when it was known as ‘The Chiangs’.

It was known for serving chicken dishes with a classic Chinese twist and offering a variety on a daily basis.

Ka is located in the same block of buildings as a cafe called Chiang.

The new eatery, called Ka Chiang, is set to open its doors in February.

Owner Chris Kwan told ABC News the name was a play of the characters for ‘Chang’ and ‘Chien’ for ‘kow’ and that the restaurant would have the ‘Chi’ and the ‘K’ for “kow”.

He said he and his team chose the name because “the Chinese people love their chicken.”

Kwan said Ka Chiet has been around since the 1970s, but the shop opened in early 2012, having previously opened in 2015.

“We’ve been doing this for about 20 years, and we’ve got to keep it going,” he said.

“The last couple of years, we’ve seen some big growth in popularity.”

But we’ve also been busy with a lot of other things, and it’s just too hard to keep up with all that.””

It’s just something that we just have to keep going.

“The name change has been welcomed by some, including Kwan.”

Ka Chien is just the best name for this place, and for us, we feel it’s the right name for it,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

If it’s a Chinese restaurant and we call it Chiang and they call it Ka, then we can all just go to that restaurant and have that conversation.

“So that’s what we’re doing, and I think that’s the way it should be.”

The Ka Chia restaurant in the centre of Melbourne, which has a similar nameplate to the popular Chinese takeaway restaurants.

Mr Kwan said the restaurant was originally named after Ka Chien, the town where the restaurants was established.

“It was really popular in the 80s, so we decided to give it a name like that, just to show that we are very Melbourne-centric,” he explained.

“This is a very Melbourne neighbourhood and we feel like we are a very Australian area, so that’s how we wanted to name it.”

“Ka is an iconic name, it’s an iconic town in Melbourne, so I think it’s something we can keep up and keep going.”

I don’t think people would be surprised by this.

They know our history here.


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