Why India has been so happy to see the rise of the Indian takeaway, but not so happy about the food in stores

Dont miss the big news: Indian takeaway chain Dont Miss the Big News has come out with an advertisement in The Hindu, where it’s seen on both sides of the counter.

The advertisement, which is a clear reference to the food, shows the owner of the chain with a box of chicken in hand and his face covered in sweat as he stands beside a box.

He is also seen with his hands on his head.

A man, who looks to be a senior manager of the brand, says he will be working until 3am, which sounds very different to the rest of the staff, as they are still busy eating their meals and drinking coffee.

“You know, we do work till 3am.

But if the customers come, we’ll get there at the end,” the manager says.

The manager says he is not happy with the food available in the outlet, saying that “the taste is better than that of other outlets” and that “there’s more sauce and meat than what we have in stores”.

While he is happy about his customers coming in to eat, the manager also says, “It’s a small business.

We need to improve our product and services to make sure our customers are happy.”

Dont Miss The Big News also makes reference to its business model in the ad, stating that “we have been a small and family owned business for over a decade.”

A spokesperson for Dont MISS the Big NEWS said, “We have had our fair share of controversies over the last few years.

However, we have always been transparent and honest about the reasons behind the controversies.

We are confident that the advertisement that is being used will be taken up with a positive attitude.”

“This advertisement is an attempt to bring out the message that Dont Mention The Big NEWS is a safe, comfortable and reliable outlet to order from in India.

We would like to sincerely thank the customers for their continued support and for giving us their honest feedback,” the spokesperson said.

This is the second time that Dnt Mention the Big news has been seen in the Indian market.

In December 2017, the outlet had the largest takeaway delivery in India, delivering over 6,000 packets of chicken to Indian customers.

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