Why ‘frozen’ seafood is now cheaper than fresh

Restaurants and restaurants across the country are scrambling to find ways to sell more and more of their wares at the same time.

A new trend has emerged where the price of a fish can be seen as an indication of how much fish the fish has been frozen and is therefore cheaper than its fresh state.

And the trend is gaining traction.

Food blogger karachilli takeaway is taking advantage of this to offer customers a fresh seafood bar with prices up to $2.50 cheaper than a restaurant’s standard seafood menu.

A karocheli, or frozen, karoshia, is the traditional fried meat of the Malay peninsula in the Philippines.

The fish, which are normally fried in coconut oil and other ingredients, is often made into marinades or sauces that are then sold to restaurants for about half the price.

But the price is so cheap that customers are willing to pay it for a meal.

“We have started to see this trend because people are tired of the same old frozen fish and the prices have gone up,” said Karachi takeaway manager Dolly Dang.

The company is now offering customers a karcheli bar that includes fish such as salmon, scallops, mackerel, sardines and tuna.

It’s a move that has been gaining traction across the nation, with restaurants and restaurants in the city of Malacca, a major hub for the industry, charging up to 25 per cent more than traditional menus.

Karachi takeaway has also been experimenting with different sauces for its seafood bar.

“I don’t have a big problem selling karachels but I’m trying to do more,” said Dolly.

“We also have a variety of fish sauces.

For example, we have marinade made with tomato and garlic and some fish sauce, so we have a few different things.”

Food blogger Karachi has also opened a karaoke bar.

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