Why do Chinese diners often ask for their meal ahead of time?

Chinese diner asks for her meal ahead or after she walks into the restaurant article Chinese customers frequently ask for the time of day, according to a new study.

A report from the National Chinese Studies Association (NCSA), published in the journal of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, suggests diners who are asking for their dinner ahead of their arrival will be more likely to be disappointed than those who are not.

The study surveyed 4,000 Chinese dinings and found that those who asked for their food before walking into the eatery were three times more likely than those not to be satisfied.

The majority of respondents (76 per cent) said they would not recommend the service if the time they had not ordered their meal was before walking in the door.

The rest (34 per cent), however, said they were satisfied.

Some respondents even reported that diners would rather pay for the meal than wait for their order.

The report says that diner behaviour is often influenced by expectations, but it may be that dinning ahead of the clock could make a difference to diners’ perception of their service.

The NCSA said the study showed that dining ahead of your meal could actually make diners feel more satisfied.

“There are many factors that influence diners behaviour.

For example, a number of factors such as time, weather, and the weather can affect the quality of food served,” it said.”

Dining ahead of meal could also help to improve the experience by giving diners a chance to interact with you.

However, the actual time of your dining is important as it is a reflection of the quality and quantity of food you will receive.”

The NCSCA also said it was encouraging Chinese restaurants to implement a wait policy in order to ensure diners are not inconvenienced by the time it takes to get their meal.

“Chinese diners, especially those who ask for food before they walk in, may have an expectation that the meal will be ready in 15 minutes,” the NCSA’s report said.

“But, it is possible to give your customer the time and place to prepare the meal they are seeking in time.”

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