When does the blue bell take over as the best restaurant in New York?

Blue Bell has taken over the #1 spot in the NYC Restaurant Association rankings, and has now topped the charts of the nation’s most popular restaurants.

The Blue Bell is now #1 in the NYTBestDiners category and #1 for its deliciousness and food.

According to the NYT Best Diners, Blue Bell dishes include Blue Bell Chicken Salad with Chicken Pot Pie, Blue and Cheddar Chicken Wings with Cheddar Cream Sauce, and Blue Bell Cornbread Cake with Cream Cheese Sauce.

Blue Bell is a chain that has existed in New Yorkers for over 100 years.

The original Blue Bell Restaurant in the Bronx opened in 1872.

The brand has since expanded to more than 300 restaurants across the country and more than 50 states.

The Blue Bells are known for their chicken salad and their chicken wings.

For their most recent restaurant expansion, Bluebell opened its first NYC location in Manhattan in 2015.

Blue Bell Restaurants is now based in New Orleans, LA.

The New York Times Best Diner award was created in 2000 to honor the best restaurants in the country, and honor the food, service, and ambience that are at the core of that award.

The best dining experiences are shared across the globe and recognized around the world, according to the awards committee.

The NYTBest Diners category includes dishes that have been judged to be one of the best, or “top-tier,” dishes in their category.

For example, the NYTbestdiners award includes dishes such as Chicken Caesar Salad with Tomato Sauce, Red Wine with Parmesan Cheese, and Chicken Parmesan.

The award is given to a dish that “is exceptional in its execution, service and quality.”

The New York City restaurants that won the award in 2000 were Red Lobster, Blue Lobster and Blue Point.

The NY Times Best Restaurants was created to recognize the best and the most innovative restaurants in New America.

The New Yorker award was established in 1996 and honors restaurants that are based in the US.

The awards committee has said that New York’s restaurants are among the most diverse in the world.

The Times BestDiners has won every year since it was founded in 2000.

In 2015, it won the best dining award for New York restaurant and wine pairing, and won the top honors in the category for food, wine and cocktails.

The winners of the New York Best Dining awards in 2015 were New York Steakhouse, which won the highest category in the awards, and Manhattan’s Blue Bell.

In 2016, it was announced that the NYT best restaurant award would be named the Best New York Restaurant of the Year for 2017.

The NYTBestdiners category is not the only category in which the Blue Bell brand has expanded to restaurants in cities across the US, but New York is a brand that has a long-standing and significant presence in the city.

The restaurants that have expanded to New York include Bluebell’s flagship restaurants, the Blue Point and Red Lobsters in New Jersey and the Bluebell in Manhattan.

The chain has also expanded to other cities, including Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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