What’s the best restaurant in Newport Beach?

It’s a question that’s been asked for years now, but it’s finally getting a little easier to find.

And with the Newport Beach Board of Realtors Association’s annual report showing that the city has a healthy takeaway market, we decided to take a look at what we know.

We found a variety of restaurants with healthy options, but we also found some that were just a bit more exotic.

Here’s what we found.


The Green Kitchen: Located on the east side of Newport Beach, this restaurant offers a healthy breakfast buffet, sandwiches and salads for around $5.

It also has a full bar for around a half-hour of fun.

The food comes from local producers and is made in-house, but the atmosphere and service is always great.


The Blue Dog: This is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in vegan fare.

Their sandwiches are fresh, their salads are fresh and their breakfast is fresh.


D’Novo Cafe: This upscale eatery has a menu that features a variety (from salads to soups) of veg-friendly options.


The Big Easy: This spot serves a great breakfast buffet that includes sandwiches, wraps and salads.


The Red Brick: This cozy cafe offers an extensive menu of healthy fare, with some great drinks on the house.


Tango: Tango is located at the intersection of Newport and Newport Boulevard in Newport.

It’s got a great menu, and you can always find something healthy on there.


The Mooch: Located near the Newport River, this casual eatery serves a hearty brunch buffet that is served by the glass.


La Chuy: This Italian restaurant offers the most extensive menu in Newport, with a few options that are vegan.


The Tender Tree: Located in Newport’s former warehouse district, this eatery offers a breakfast buffet with an extensive brunch menu.


Popsicle Cafe: Located at the edge of Newport, this vegan-friendly pop-up restaurant offers some delicious vegan options.

You can try a fresh avocado salad or a crispy apple pie.


Green Bay Bakery: This small bakery has a selection of fresh baked goods and even some vegan options on their bakery menu.


The Chateau: This restaurant is located in the old Chateaubriand hotel in Newport Harbor, and it’s got an extensive breakfast menu with a variety on the menu.


The Paddywagon: Located a few blocks away from the beach in Newport Hills, this Italian-style pizzeria serves a variety breakfast and lunch.


Baked Ovens: Located next to the Newport Marina, this small pizza shop serves up a full menu of vegan and gluten-free options.


Cafe Cafe: There’s a full breakfast buffet and a full lunch buffet at this small, family-run cafe that offers a great selection of healthy options.


La Cieca: Located just a few miles away from Newport Beach’s famous Biltmore Estate, this is a vegan-focused restaurant.


The Garden Inn: Located right across from the Newport Harbor beach, this cozy Italian restaurant has a wide variety of healthy and gluten free options.


The Kettle: This cafe serves up hearty breakfast and dinner entrees, along with a full brunch menu that includes fresh salads and fresh fruit.


The Folly: This vegan-restaurant has an extensive healthy breakfast menu that also has salads, sandwiches, soups and more.


The Sausage Factory: Located around the corner from Newport Harbor’s famous Pier 67, this fast-casual restaurant serves up some of the freshest, best-made sausages in Newport and a great brunch buffet.


The Vegan Kitchen: This local vegan restaurant serves some of Newport’s best-selling and most popular sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas.


The Biscuit Kitchen: A quick drive away from a popular seafood restaurant, this spot serves up fresh and healthy options that include salads, wraps, soupets and more, as well as a full, gluten- and dairy-free breakfast buffet.


The Cottage: Located about a half mile from the ocean’s edge, this home-cooked home-style bakery serves up several healthy breakfast items and some of our favorite sandwiches.


The Wild Turkey Cafe: A few minutes from the surf and sun, this place offers a delicious, homemade hot turkey sandwich and a delicious breakfast buffet in addition to their great lunch and dinner menu.


The Nantucket Restaurant: Located directly across the street from Newport, the Nantuckets offers a wide range of fresh and organic options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The Lucky Duck: Located across the road from the city’s famed Long Beach pier,

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