The Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in NYC (via Foodbeast)

The city of chinese takeout has long been one of New York City’s hottest tourist destinations. 

While Chinese takeaway joints may be located across the city, Chinatown has seen a surge in popularity with a handful of new restaurants opening up each year. 

The new spots are offering up a diverse selection of cuisines ranging from ramen to ramen restaurants to street food. 

While Chinatown is a good place to grab a bite to eat if you’re looking for a quick fix, there’s also a plethora of other options to enjoy on your next walk through the neighborhood. 

This list is updated as new locations open up each week. 

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Chinatown is a well-known destination in New York’s Chinatown, and for good reason. 

Located in Chinatown, the Chinatown neighborhood of Queens is famous for its Chinese food.

Chinatown is also known for its nightlife, as nightlife is a huge draw in the area. 

Chinamen enjoy an array of restaurants and shops in Chinatown that cater to the entire community, and these are some of the best places to eat in the neighborhood, according to a recent survey from Eater. 

Here are the top 10 places to go in Chinatown:1. 

Kung Fu BBQ: KFBB is a neighborhood favorite, and the new restaurant located in Chinatown serves up some of its best Chinese cuisine in the city. 

Featuring three different types of pork, pork-filled soups and soups stuffed with pork and other Asian ingredients, Kung Fu BBQ is a place where you can sit back and enjoy the show. 


Pumpkin Spice Shack: Pumped up with spice, this pumpkin spice shack is located in the heart of Chinatown.

The spice menu is extensive, offering up some authentic Chinese foods as well as new creations like chili paste fried chicken. 


Shovels & Laces: Shoes & Lace is a trendy spot that offers a range of handcrafted shoes, hats, and accessories. 

Its located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is a must-visit for anyone who loves to shop. 


Cheezy Cafe: Cheesy Cafe is a popular spot in Chinatown for a wide variety of local dishes, from spicy duck to pork and beef stuffed with rice. 


Ching-Chong: Chong Ching is known for their delicious Chinese food and this Chinatown hotspot is home to a plethora.

Cheesys popular noodle dishes are cooked to order and are the perfect choice for lunch or dinner. 


Sesame Street: Sakura Sesame Street is a cozy spot that’s known for having great Chinese food as well. 

A big part of the restaurant is the food, which features a huge selection of fresh vegetables, rice and steamed buns. 


Dorothy’s: Doras Japanese food is a classic that you will not be able to go wrong with. 

Tastes of the classic Japanese style of eating are featured on their menu. 


Nomad’s BBQ: Nomads BBQ is the best place to get authentic Indian food.

Located in Harlem, Harlem’s Nomads is a staple in the Harlem neighborhood and the restaurant serves up a huge array of Indian cuisine. 


Chinese Palace: Chinese palace is a unique restaurant in Chinatown.

Located in Harlem’s Chinatown neighborhood, Chinese Palace serves up an array, including traditional Chinese dishes like rice pudding, ramen noodles, fried rice and even chicken fried rice.10. 

Bao Yue: Baos Yue is a small but growing Chinatown restaurant serving up some new Asian cuisine in its kitchen. 


Wu Yu: Wuu Yu is a Chinese themed restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

The restaurant is located right next door to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 


Lunch Cafe:  Lunch cafe is a traditional Chinese food place in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

 This restaurant serves an extensive selection of vegetarian and vegan food.13. 

Eating Out: Eats Out is a local Chinese takeout and convenience store that is located just outside of Chinatown in Brooklyn. 


La Puente: La puente is a Mexican-inspired Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

The menu features some of their best tacos around, which are available daily. 


Greensleeves: Goldsleeves is a new takeout spot in Brooklyn’s Chinatown.

Greensleeves serves up delicious Chinese-inspired food, as well, including their signature chicken-fried rice and quinoa. 


Rosa’s: Rosa’s serves up authentic Mexican food in the Chinatown district of Brooklyn.

The food at Rosa’s is a mixture of classic Mexican and regional dishes.17. 

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