Michael Moore says Donald Trump’s campaign ‘totally destroyed’ the US election

Michael Moore is calling on Donald Trump to stop attacking his political opponents, including the President-elect.

In a tweet on Sunday, the filmmaker and anti-Trump campaigner called on Trump to withdraw his endorsement of the former Alabama judge Roy Moore, and instead support the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Moore, who is a prominent backer of Moore’s Senate bid, said he was disappointed with Moore’s “shameless” campaign tactics in which he attacked his Democratic opponent in a way that is designed to undermine confidence in the election process.

He added: “His campaign is totally destroyed.

And his behavior is shameful.

And I am so glad I’m not his opponent.

We can’t have the kind of political violence that he has caused.”

Moore, however, also acknowledged that he had a “good relationship” with Moore before he decided to back Clinton, saying: “I’ve known Roy Moore for many years.

I admire him.

I respect him.

We have good relations.”

He continued: “As for me, I’ve known him since he was a young man and I have a good relationship with him.

He’s a great man and he’s a very good judge, as you know.”

In a Facebook post on Sunday evening, Moore wrote: “This election has become a sham, a total fraud.

I hope Donald Trump stops attacking me and I urge his supporters to do the same.”

The filmmaker and Moore have been close friends since the 1980s and have campaigned together since the 1990s, when Moore was in his 30s.

He has also been a vocal supporter of Clinton.

Moore also wrote that he will continue to “support Hillary Clinton as her campaign continues” in a tweet.

In his most recent film, Moore called the President of the United States “a crook, a fraud, and an embarrassment” and suggested that he would be willing to step down if he were elected.

In the film, the former judge says that he “did what I thought I had to do” in an effort to defend the constitutional rights of American citizens and accused the Supreme Court of failing to uphold the constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights.

Moore said he had been “shocked” by the allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore and that the election had “changed forever”.

“You see the way things are now,” Moore said.

“People will say things.

You’re going to get people on Twitter who are going to say things, but that’s not what I’m going to do.”

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