Japan: IKEA takes over Dunedin takeaway chain

Dunedin has been left reeling after it was announced IKEAs will take over a popular Dunedin restaurant chain.IKEA has taken over Duncans popular takeaway chain, Hainan, after years of struggle with its overseas stores.

In its announcement, IKEAthens CEO Daniel Yap said Duncan’s overseas outlets, Hains and Hainam, had been struggling financially for years.

“The time has come for the restaurant to transition to IKEa outlets,” Mr Yap wrote.

“They will be run by a dedicated team with proven track records, the same experience, and a focus on sustainability.”

It will be a fresh start for our customers and their families and will deliver a better experience for all.

“In an interview with ABC Radio Dunedin, Mr Yip said the restaurant would be the first IKEas outlet in the city.”

Hainan has been the heart of our business for decades,” he said.”

We’ve invested more than $400 million in the Dunedin area, and I have great respect for the people of Dunedin.

“Mr Yap confirmed a few Duncannas staff were being moved to Ikea outlets.”

Some have been moved from Hains outlets, some from Hainams.

Some have been transferred to Duncanny outlets, so that’s where the majority of our employees will be,” he told ABC Radio.”

There’s some staff that will be moved out of Hains.

Some will be transferred to a new outlet in Duncany.

“Mr Kihlstrom said the decision to merge was an easy one.”

As soon as I heard they’d taken over the chain, I just thought it was a no brainer,” he explained.”

I think it’s a fantastic move for Duncanias.

“The new outlets will have about 40 staff and will be housed in a new building, which will include a restaurant.”

With a new owner, there’s going to be a whole new vision for the business,” he added.

The news has prompted speculation that the Duncaneas restaurant chain would be absorbed by other chains.

But Mr Yapp said the new owner would be able to keep all the Duncat restaurants open, and focus on other business areas, including the local community.”

All of the businesses that were in the Haina outlets will remain and will stay at Hainah stores, and they will continue to provide food to people at Hains stores,” he continued.”

And all of the restaurants in the stores will continue and be able keep the business going.

“The company said it planned to invest $1 billion in its business in the next 12 months, with $200 million coming from new funding, and the remaining $200m will be raised through existing capital.”

What we’ve done with Hains is put the focus on growth, growth for the future,” Mr Kihlsstrom said.

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