Italian takeaway chain has gone dark

Italian takeaway restaurant Harrow has closed its doors after a dispute over wages.

The chain’s owner, a businessman, was also reportedly involved in the dispute.

The restaurant has been open for the past three years in a shopping centre in Glengarry, in north London.

The owners, who did not want to be named, told the BBC they had no option but to close the restaurant because they could not find enough food for the growing clientele.

“The staff, the customers, are very happy.

The food is very good and the prices are very reasonable.

But we have to close it because we are not able to meet the demand,” said the owner.

Harrow’s website states the restaurant is open for business as of Monday.

The chain was founded in 2009 and has grown to about 50 restaurants around the UK, but has yet to expand internationally.

Last month, Harrow closed the restaurant at a time when its main rival, Italian takeaway company Cals, said it would be shutting its UK branches by the end of March.

Last year, Harrows owner Michael Cieslak claimed he was “too busy to get the food” to its restaurants.

“We were so busy.

It was a very busy time for us, we had to take people home, take people back to the hotel and take people to work,” he said.”

So it’s a lot of work for us.

I’m not going to be able to do it.”‘

We had no choice’The closure comes a week after Harrow’s owner claimed that he had to close his businesses because he was not able “to keep the food”.

Cieslack has previously claimed that the chain had had to shut more than 70 locations because it did not have enough food to satisfy its growing client base.

“They said they couldn’t keep the menu.

They said they had to reduce the amount of food.

They had no other choice,” Cieschak told the Sun newspaper.”

Now I can tell you they are making cuts, not adding anything to the menu,” he added.

A Harrow spokesperson said it was “unacceptable” for customers to “be exploited”.

“Our customers have been very positive, they have been our top customers for many years, and we can assure them that they are very satisfied with our food and service,” the spokesperson said.

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