Italian Pizza takeaway rockharpton is a hit!

A restaurant in Melbourne’s south-west has hit the spot with its pizza delivery rockhamilton.

The restaurant, called Carluccio’s, has been open for a few years and is the first Italian pizza restaurant in the city.

“It was a pretty big thing,” owner David Carlucci told News Corp. “There’s a lot of Italians and a lot people from the north of Italy in Melbourne, so it was a good fit for us.”

Mr Carlucca’s restaurant was opened in August 2015 and it is now in the process of opening its second branch in Melbourne.

The two Italian restaurants are owned by two brothers, Antonio and Marco.

“They have a great menu, they have great prices,” Mr Carluccci said.

“We’re pretty happy about the outcome of the first one.”

Mr Marco said he was excited to have a pizza delivery restaurant in a popular area of Melbourne.

“I think it’s really great,” he said.

The pizza delivery business is booming in Australia.

The industry has more than doubled in the past five years, according to the Australian Institute of Restaurant and Food Science.

The sector has been growing at a rapid pace in Australia, with about 3,000 restaurants in 2016.

Mr Carlicci said he had to keep up with demand for his pizza.

“When I open my doors in a week’s time, I’m not getting it at the restaurant,” he explained.

“In the morning, I have to order a pizza.

At the end of the day, it’s just going to get wasted.”

It is a popular pizza delivery service in Melbourne and other Australian cities.

“You have to be careful with it,” Mr Marco added.

“Some people go crazy.

You have to take them down.

If they go too far, you’re going to lose your customers.”

Mr Mani said it was “a very special pizza”.

“It’s a classic Italian pizza with the same ingredients,” he added.

A large pizza is served at the CarluCCi’s restaurant.

The menu is extensive and includes many items including a variety of sauces, meats, cheeses and vegetables.

It also has a large range of pizzas, including a range of meatballs and mozzarella sticks.

Mr Manjulian said he decided to open a pizza place after spending time in Italy.

“At first, I thought I would just do it for myself,” he told News Corporation.

“But I decided to go to Italy because I had the opportunity to get to know some Italians and some people there, and I really liked the atmosphere.”

A big pizza is also served at Carlucios pizza delivery in Melbourne City Centre.

“Italy is a great country, it has great culture, great people,” Mr Manis said.

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