‘I can’t stop looking’: What Italian restaurants look like in the future

Italian takeaway restaurant chain L’Ambrosio, which has been in business for more than a century, is facing a tough time.

The chain is set to shut its doors next year, with most of its restaurants closed since November.

As a result, its customers will be forced to rely on online platforms to find their way to the restaurants.

But L’ Ambrosio is not the only Italian restaurant chain struggling to cope with the online dining craze.

“Our restaurant chain has been struggling with a lot of competition and a lot has changed over the last few years, which means that the food is a little bit different,” said Stefano De Sanctis, L’ambrosio’s CEO.

He says that the online ordering process is more streamlined than in the past.

L’ Ambro’s restaurant, on the other hand, is being forced to adapt to the changing tastes of its customers.

A new generation of restaurants are opening across Italy and around the world.

And with the arrival of the internet, many Italian restaurants are finding it easier to survive.

Read more about food:How Italians are changing the worldThe trend has been fuelled by the rise of the digital divide in recent years.

More than 10 million people in the UK have used social media to get their news, opinions and ideas out there.

The digital divide has led to a rise in food ordering as people seek to make informed choices about their meal.

That means more food options, but the cost of the ingredients has risen too.

Italian takeaway chain L.

Ambrosiore is struggling with the changing taste of food.

It is one of the largest chains in the country, but with the closure of L’Amexico and its rival in L’Oreal, L. Ambrosiores business is now in doubt.

I can only imagine what’s happening in other countries, says StefanoDe Sanctis.

There’s not a lot left, but it’s important to see how it’s going to evolve in the next few years.

I know that the market is going to be different, so we’re working hard on the food side, to make sure that we can keep our customers happy, he said.

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