How to get the best chicken in town in one of Canada’s best restaurants

Chicken fried rice has become one of the country’s favourite meals and even now you can find plenty of chicken fried rice options.

And you’ll find them all over the country and in many locations across the globe.

But what are the best places to get chicken fried Rice?

What’s the best place to get it in Canada?

Here are our picks and tips.


Toronto The most popular takeaway is Chicken and Waffles at Baskin-Robbins.


Victoria, BC Chicken fried Rice is a staple in Victoria.


Calgary, Alberta Chicken fried Steak is a favourite in Calgary.


Edmonton, AB Chicken Fried Rice is in Edmonton.


Vancouver, BC There are several options at the downtown Vancouver Chinese restaurant.


Calgary’s Chinatown is also known for its chicken fried dishes.


Vancouver is also home to the city’s famous Panda Express.


Montreal is famous for its Chinese restaurants, and this is where you’ll be most likely to find it. 9.

Edmonton’s Chinatown, also known as the Big Mac District, is a hotspot for the chicken fried dish.


Edmonton has also been known for hosting the Great Chicken Festival, which features a variety of dishes and events.


Toronto has a reputation for its great chicken and waffles, and you can also find them in other parts of Canada.


Vancouver has a popular Chinese restaurant and Chinatown.


Montreal has a very popular Chinese joint, and the best restaurants to go to for chicken fried food are also located there.


Calgary has a lot of Chinese restaurants and restaurants to choose from.


Edmonton is also a hub for Chinese food.


Vancouver offers some of the best Chinese food in Canada, and it’s a great choice for chicken Fried Rice.


Calgary offers a lot more options than Toronto, including its famous PandaExpress and Chinatowns.


Edmonton offers some excellent Chinese restaurants as well as a few other options.


Edmonton and Vancouver are also the hubs for Chinese cuisine.


Montreal offers some great Chinese restaurants too.


Calgary also has a Chinese restaurant that’s open late, which is a plus.


Vancouver and Edmonton have some excellent restaurants too, so check out the locations.


Toronto is home to many Chinese restaurants such as The Golden Cow, which has been around for years.


Montreal also has some good Chinese restaurants.


Calgary is home of the Golden Cow which is one of many restaurants that offer the chicken Fried rice.


Vancouver’s Chinatown also has its fair share of restaurants offering the chicken and noodle dishes.


Edmonton also has many great Chinese food restaurants as you can see in this list.


Edmonton Chinese restaurant The Golden Chow has been a staple for years, and a great option for chicken and fried rice.


Toronto’s Chinatown offers a great selection of Chinese eateries, and The Golden Egg is one that’s a good choice.


Vancouver Chinese Restaurant offers the best Chicken Fried rice in the city.


Edmonton restaurants like The Chicken Factory and The Chicken and Dumplings also offer some good chicken fried meal options.


Calgary restaurants like Chinese Diner and Chinatown are also good options.


Edmonton Restaurants like Chicken Factory, The Golden Diner, and Chinese Dining all offer the best Asian food options in the GTA.


Vancouver restaurants like Kung Fu Kitchen, The Chicken Shop, and Chinatown also have a lot to offer.


Montreal restaurants like Cineplex and Chinatown offer some great Asian food.


Calgary Restaurants including Chinatown Restaurant, Chinatown Restaurant at the Junction, and Chicken and Duck have all got great chicken fried meals and are all great options.


Edmonton Restaurant like Chicken Shack and Cinecrest are also great options for chicken fry.


Vancouver Restaurants such as Peking, Chinese Restaurant, and Korean Restaurant also have some great chicken fry options.


Toronto Restaurants at the Corner have some of Canadas best chicken fried items.


Vancouver restaurant The Canteen is also an excellent option for Chicken Fried.


Toronto Restaurant such as Chop House and Chinatown Restaurant also has good chicken dishes.


Calgary Restaurant like Thai Kitchen and Chow Chow’s also have great chicken dishes like chicken fried egg.


Vancouver Restaurant like Chow Chow and Chow Chop are also all good options for Chicken and Dine.


Calgary restaurant such as Chow Chow at the corner and Chow Shui are also some great options and chicken fried eggs.


Vancouver food restaurants such to the corner Chow Chow, Chow Chow & Co., Chow Chow on Main, Chow Chow, Chow Chop, Chow Kung Fu, Chow Kowloon, Chow Tang, Chow Ting, Chow Xing, The Chow, and Chow Xiaohua are also a good option for the good chicken fry meal. 46.

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