How to avoid tipping in India’s fast-food restaurants

Indian fast-beef restaurants are increasingly seeing a shift away from tipping.

A new survey shows that many Indians are beginning to rethink their practices, as they feel that tipping is not the best way to pay for food.

The survey by India’s All-India Biryani Restaurant Association and The Hindu’s India Today Group found that in the last two years, many Indian restaurants have gone beyond tipping and started to charge extra.

Some restaurants have even started charging more than $20 for a meal.

The surveys findings are based on a survey of more than 1,400 Indian restaurant owners.

They also included data on tips, service charges and meal prices.

Some Indian restaurants, like the restaurant at Pachala, are now charging at least 10% more than before, the survey found.

Other restaurants, which have more casual clientele, are tipping at 3-5% more, and some restaurants are tipping a minimum of 20% more.

Some establishments are also adding a 15% service charge on top of their minimum wage.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the All-Indian Biryaya Restaurant Association, an umbrella group for the Biryanis, said that the change in attitude towards tipping was partly due to a general shift in the society.

“The trend towards tipping is also part of the general shift towards a more casual society,” he said.

“This shift has been occurring in recent years and it has affected the food industry as a whole.”

The survey also found that some Indian restaurants are beginning a new trend of charging for drinks. “

They are merely doing the right thing.”

The survey also found that some Indian restaurants are beginning a new trend of charging for drinks.

According to the survey, most Indian restaurants now charge $5 for a drink, up from $2.50 last year.

Other restaurants are charging $10 for a cup of tea, up $5 from $5.

In the survey survey, owners of Indian fast food restaurants had their prices increased by between 30% and 40%.

Some owners even started to offer free wifi to their patrons.

The trend to increase service charges has been happening for a while, but has also been noticed in other Indian fast restaurants, according to the spokesperson.

The trend was noticed in restaurants like Pachal, where the restaurant owner said that when the customer was asked to tip a waiter, the waiter would often ask the customers for a large bill.

The Indian fast service industry has grown at a rapid pace in recent times.

The number of restaurants in the country has more than doubled over the last four years.

Some of the new restaurants are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a focus on high-end food.

The prices of the Indian fast foods have increased as well, with many restaurants offering more than 25% higher prices.

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