How much is your takeaway cost?

What is your meal plan?

What is the cost of your takeaway?

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A takeaway meal at a Bedford’s takeaway cafe in Victoria’s north-west is now expected to cost more than $400.

Key points:Bedford’s has raised the price of its takeaway meal to $1.99 from $1 to meet government targetsThe company is raising prices of its two most popular dishes to reflect the changesThe price of a takeaway meal has risen from $2.50 to $3.75 after it met the government’s new food cost targetsIt has been a popular option for breakfast and lunch in Victoria for decades, but it’s been under pressure since a government inquiry into price fixing found it was hurting small business.

The company said it will increase prices for its popular breakfast and lunches, and it is also lowering the price on its main dish, the lamb-and-cheese breakfast, to reflect these changes.

The price for its lamb and cheese breakfast will be $1,149.90, while the price for the lamb and chicken breakfast will increase from $3,249 to $4,149, while for the whole meal the price will increase by $4.49 to $5.99.

The changes have not affected the menu options.

The lamb and goat breakfast will still be $3 for three people and the lamb, chicken and vegetable breakfast will remain $4 for two people.

“We’re excited about the new price targets, which are very ambitious and the cost reductions that we are making in order to meet the new food price targets,” said a Bedfords spokesman.

“But we are mindful of the fact that the cost is expected to increase over time.”

The price increases are a reflection of the changes that are coming with the price targets.

“The company also said it is not considering raising prices for other breakfast items, including the chocolate milk shakes and chocolate milkshakes.”

At Bedford we don’t set our prices for the breakfast menu, and the prices that we set are a guide to the costs that the consumer is expected pay,” he said.”

It’s a guide, not a price.

“The Bedford CEO said the new pricing targets will not impact his business and he was committed to keeping it up to date.”

Our breakfast is always the highest-quality breakfast, so we’re not looking at changing that,” he added.”

This is just another way of being able to meet those targets.

“What is the Bedford breakfast?

The Bedfells breakfast is served with chicken, ham, lettuce, tomato, onions, and bacon, with the rest served with a choice of two sides.

It includes three choice of sandwiches, a biscuit and a coffee.

It is a breakfast popular in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne and Victoria.

It was introduced in the late 1960s to meet increasing demand for a fresh, simple breakfast.”

To achieve the targets, we have increased the price per serving of our breakfast to reflect changes in the food costs of the food industry and to reflect those changes in cost,” the company said.

The Bedffords breakfast is not available at many supermarkets and the price has been raised since the launch of the new targets.

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