Clitheroes restaurant has gone vegan for the day, menu says

The ClitHeroes restaurant in the Chinese takeaway chain’s iconic downtown Wellington Street has launched a new vegan menu for the weekend, which includes a new dessert and more than 30 dishes of local favourites.

The menu was unveiled on Thursday at the Wellington Food Centre, a food market that caters for the city’s growing population.

The restaurant, which has been open for more than a decade, has been serving a vegetarian menu for most of the year, with the new vegan offering now available for the first time in February.

“This is a very significant change for us.

We have had so many customers come in wanting vegan food that we’ve been forced to think about the menu,” restaurant owner and chef Chris Rains said.”

We realised that our customers were not happy with the traditional menu.”

Our vegan menu is designed to appeal to our guests, and the customers have been so positive about the food, we decided to change the menu.

“The menu includes two new vegan dishes, the Pong Pong, a sweet and savoury vegan version of the classic fried egg, and an All Day Vegetarian Plate, which features all kinds of local vegetables, including spinach, broccoli, kale and peas.”

I really wanted to do something different with the menu and this is a way for us to be more inclusive to our customers,” Rains explained.”

The menu will feature new and exciting vegetarian dishes, which are going to be something that our guests will love and be able to enjoy.

“There are many new dishes on offer, so you can find something to suit your taste buds.”

The vegan menu also includes the original Clit Heroes and New Zealand’s first Clit Hero, a vegan version that features a fried egg that is cooked to perfection, and a vegan-friendly burger that is topped with roasted red pepper and onions.

Rains said the menu was designed to bring customers closer to the food and was the first menu to have a menu on its own.

“It’s a really unique concept that we are trying to create,” he said.

The vegan offerings at the restaurant will be available until March 13, when it will reopen.

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