Chinese Village: What’s Inside?

Chinese Village, a Chinese-themed restaurant in Manhattan, is getting ready to open its doors for business.

We caught up with owner David Chan to find out what makes it so special.

“We’ve been waiting for this opportunity to open for a long time,” Chan says.

“This is our first restaurant, and I’m excited to open it for a very long time.”

He’s excited because the restaurant is a hybrid between a Chinese and a Western food establishment, with the Chinese elements coming from a restaurant he built himself.

“I started building Chinese restaurants with the same philosophy I would have for a Western restaurant: it should have a lot of Chinese flavors and it should be good, and we wanted to create a restaurant that was very Chinese,” Chan explains.

“The way I do my cooking is I get the Chinese ingredients and I mix them with the Western ingredients, and then I add some Japanese and American spices.

And then I put some spices in there, too.

I think that’s really the key.

We want it to be good and flavorful and we want it go well together.”

Chan has been working on the restaurant since 2007, when he decided to open the restaurant.

“For a long period of time, I had been working in a restaurant and I wasn’t really able to bring it to life, so I started thinking, what’s the next step for me?”

Chan says, referring to opening a Chinese restaurant in the US.

“So I started building a Chinese themed restaurant in my apartment in Manhattan.

And I’m just like, ‘Well, what if I put a restaurant in New York City and I start to grow it and I have this restaurant, too?'”

The first restaurant opened in January 2019.

But Chan is looking forward to the day when the restaurant will open to the public.

“That’s my goal: that this restaurant will be open to anyone,” Chan continues.

“And that’s what I’ve been working towards for a while now.

I started to get more and more inspired by other restaurants in New England and in other countries.

So I think we’re finally on the right track.”

The Chinese Village in Manhattan will feature a variety of dishes from Chinese restaurants, including Chinese and Western, with dishes such as the Chinese and Chinese inspired chicken wings and Chinese and Asian dishes.

“In our restaurant, we’ll have some dishes that we’ve created from scratch,” Chan said.

“It will be very special and it will be a very fun place to be, with a very happy-to-be-there atmosphere.”

Chan also says that the menu will include everything from a menu with Chinese-inspired recipes, to dishes that will appeal to those with a Chinese background.

“If you are a Chinese person, you’ll definitely enjoy the Chinese menu,” Chan continued.

“There’s some dishes we’re going to have that will be made with a lot more Chinese ingredients, like chinese rice, and some dishes like Chinese noodles, and you will be able to eat the whole dish.”

A full menu is scheduled to be available to the general public in the coming weeks.

Chan hopes to open at least a few Chinese restaurants across the US and internationally.

“You’ll see a lot [of Chinese restaurants] in the future,” Chan concluded.

“But I think it’s going to take a lot longer to open a Chinese village than a Chinese theme restaurant.”

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